Yeah, we’re fast.

Based on our internal benchmarks a $20 Linode (4 GB Ram, 2 CPU Cores) Debian Linux VPS can serve up to:


Small Images / second

Small Images / second

302 Redirects / second

302 Redirects / second

Pixels / second

Pixels / second

Obsessed with uptime

We’ve been building web applications for a while so we know how important uptime is to business. That’s why we worked hard and used every trick in the book to make Stampede stable, crash resistant, and safe.

Here’s why you should trust Stampede with your workload:

Wrote in Go, the new king on the internet. A proven and production ready language.

It’s automatically garbage collected reducing or outright eliminating the chance of memory leaks and free after use errors.

Go is is strongly typed, reducing the chance to simple type errors that are prevalent in some other languages.

Did your database fall over? No problem. Stampede has all the data needed in memory and will keep humming along with the data it has.

We employ recovery middleware to keep the server up in case of uncaught and unexpected errors.

Exhaustive error handling. We don’t skip our error checks.

We take the time to run new builds in our own production culster before release. If we wouldn’t run it, we wouldn’t put it out.

Obsessed with uptime

Built for the modern age

We focused on how you can take your data and keep it in-house, but still have flexible ways to use it. Most link trackers come with some kind of built-in reporting interface, we buck that trend.

We take another modern approach. Stampede outputs all your data to handy JSON formatted logs which you can then import into your log analysis tool of choice.

This allows you to use amazing free log tools like an Elasticsearch Logstash and Kabana (ELK) stack to process all your data giving the most control possible.

Now you don’t have to worry about your database filling up with click logs. Instead, you can use a Linux tool like logrotate to handle rotating out old data or back up your logs via command line.

Don’t like ELK? No problem, it’s just JSON so you can take your data anywhere!

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Built for the modern age

Easy to install

We’ve built and installed many web applications over the years, and we’re confident in saying:

Stampede is easy to install and get running.

We provide full instructions for popular Linux server distros like Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS.

We’ve also worked hard at making sure Stampede works fully with Docker. To take it a step further we provide and maintain a public Docker image you can pull.

If you’re not comfortable with the command line, we’re happy to install it for you for an additional cost.

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Easy to install

Built to scale

One of the biggest goals we had for Stampede was to make sure it would not be too hard to scale across multiple nodes.

Each server has it’s own cached version of your datastore so it’s as simple as adding nodes and pointing them at your database.

Whether you want to run 1 node, or 10 nodes sitting behind a load balancer, you can do it.

We love Docker. So we’ve also made sure it easy to add to your own Docker stack.

Built to scale

GeoIP ready

A big goal we had with Stampede was to be able to provide the ability to target users effectively. Other tools on the market just couldn’t do what we needed to do, which is to target via GeoIP.

Want to show a banner image that has English text to someone from the US, but also want the ability to show a German text image to someone from Germany? No problem, you can do it.

We spent a lot of time implementing GeoIP. Just download and install the MaxMind GeoIP Lite City binary files, and you’re off and running. You can target:



Subdivision (State)



Time zone

GeoIP ready

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