Stampede is a new breed of link tracking and ad serving software.

More than a decade ago, I remember having a conversation with another developer. We talked about the link tracking applications on the market. At the time the number of applications was pretty scarce, but I always thought I could do better. It was not the right time for me to do it.

I spent the next several years of working as a freelance web developer. All the while wondering if one day I would ever write this piece of software.

I launched a side project site last year and revisited link tracking. I found the current leaders in the market feel old, confusing, crazy expensive, or just bad. I didn’t feel like any of them really “get” what I’m trying to do. So, not seeing many options I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

Stampede v1 started out as a side project almost a year ago. After a couple of MVP’s and some real-world production use, I had a basic product that I thought had a lot of potential.

Like a lot of developer side projects, it was pretty ugly and hacky though. No interface. Manually importing and exporting files. Just enough to get from A to B. You know, pretty standard stuff.

Having worked with a lot of different businesses and systems over the last several years I felt like I knew how I could really take it to the next level. I came up with a list of goals.


It needs to be reliable and safe. So I engineered it to be crash resistant and handle errors gracefully.

It’s written in Go which handles memory management as well. Go is strongly typed language which helps reduce errors.


It needs to be fast. The faster you can get a user from your site to an offer the better the chance of converting the user. Stampede is able to crank out some impressive numbers on modest hardware.


Keeping things small and light means less resource usage meaning you can get more out of your servers for less.

The executable size currently is ~14 MB. The memory footprint is generally quite small. Each node caches all your data in memory so it depends what you’re doing.


Link tracking alone won’t cut today. Stampede covers all your marketing needs with:

    • Redirects
    • Image serving
    • Events
    • Pixels

Oh, and you can use GeoIP for redirects and image serving, allowing you to better target users.


Being able to increase capacity or set up a high availability cluster should be simple. So I engineered Stampede to do that.


It needs to hook into existing tech stacks. So I ditched a conventional graph dashboard and targeted ELK (or other log processors) instead. Using one tool like ELK to process your data makes more sense than building a new tool to do it.

I’ve put significant effort making sure that works well with Docker. Now you can deploy like a pro!


I’ve added multi-user support. This allows you to give, or take away access to anyone at a moments notice.

You also get unlimited users as well.


Did you accidentally change a key? We’ve all been there. So I added a history feature that allows you to go back and look at all the revisions of a key and restore it from any of them. Quick and easy.


Your data is your data. Stampede runs on your hardware. Perfect for business and privacy based consumers.


User passwords are properly hashed using industry standard techniques. Session cookies are encrypted and verified on every request. Node to node communications is all encrypted using verifiable public key cryptography algorithms. All encryption schemes using the publicly available and trusted NaCl crypto library.

Now with a list of things to achieve I tore v1 apart and rewrote it. v2 was born! I’ve achieved the goals above and I think the end product was worth the time and effort.

Today I’m happy to announce that link tracking has a new player with the launch of Stampede v2.10.6.

I hope you love it all as much as I did building it.

It’s time now to get it into your hands and make it even better. Unleash the raw power today.

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